Collecting Tips
It is important for a collector to follow their passion and buy what they truly love.  Don’t buy for investment; buy something that will bring you joy every time you walk past it.
We have many exhibitions throughout the year.  Come often, train your eye, and learn what you like.  Ask us questions, we are always ready and willing to talk about art!
We encourage you to visit museums, galleries and auction houses to see varying examples of good, better and best by an artist.  All of this will help focus your area of interest and find what type of art truly speaks to you.
The internet is a vast source of information for art. You can search different museums collections, learn about the different styles, periods and schools of art and view exhibitions that you may never be able to attend in person. 
Subscribe to different art magazines to read what people are saying about recent auctions, latest trends, reviews of museum shows, etc.
Many art groups have tours through local art collector’s homes. Go to learn about other collections and see examples by artists you may have never heard of.
Buy from only reputable sources.  We are proud of our well respected reputation, and in this business it is important to know who you are dealing with.